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Meal Replacements for the Athlete

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Meal replacement shakes, bars, and drinks no new fad in our busy society. Whether they meant for weight loss or as a nutritional supplement these popular meal substitutes are gaining ground. There are supplemental drinks for the young and the elderly to replace either lost or lacking nutrition, as well as dieters or hard training athletes. These drinks are specially formulated for the intended group, for instance you would not give a toddler a supplemental drink intended for an elderly person, as the nutritional values are different among these groups. This is also true for the specialty drinks that are intended for athletes and dieters. Drinking a regular supplement drink may not be the best idea for a dieter because many of these drinks are intended to replace lost calories or build mass.

However, drinking a regular, or dieters supplement drink for an athlete can prove dangerous and counter productive. The problem is that many of these supplement drinks, while they are filling, lack the nutritional value needed to actually replace a meal, especially the nutritional value of an athlete! This lack of nutrition leaves the body starving, and this nutritional starvation can lead to blood sugar highs and lows that cause cravings and result in poor diet choices, not to mention muscle injuries due to insufficient nutrients. These poor diet choices have a negative impact on the body, and your goal whether it is losing weight or building muscle. Finding a good meal replacement shake that actually supplies the active body with a good source of whole food nutrition can prove to be a difficult task… until now.

There is a meal replacement shake that was specifically formulated for the active, hard training body of an athlete called Labarda Lean Body Instant Breakfast Shake. As an athlete you obviously need more vitamins and minerals than your average everyday person, to avoid injury and sustain energy. But, it is also important that these nutrients come from a good whole food source to prevent unwanted fat. The company states that one easy to prepare shake contains “more concentrated muscle-building, fat-burning nutrition than 10 scrambled egg whites, a bowl of oatmeal, and a handful of vitamins.” Amazing!

Lets look a little closer at the actual whole food ingredients in the shake.

40/45/15 (carbohydrate/protein/fat) ratio of macronutrients: Specially formulated to give you long lasting energy in a bio-available.

Blend of time-release proteins: This LeanPro blend gives you a flow of vital amino acids. Amino acids support intracellular nitrogen retention levels for faster muscle growth and strength increases.

Over 9,000 mg of BCAAs: Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS) that prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

10,000 mg of Glutamine & Glutamic Acid To prevent muscle breakdown.

35 grams of Whole Food Carbohydrates: These all natural whole carbs are slow releasing natural grains: brown rice, oats, and rice bran. They stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels, to promote greater energy and fat burning.

7 grams of natural dietary fiber

Fructooligosaccharides: Are pre-biotics to promotes a healthy and happy digestive system.

Contains Omega-6 fatty acids

6:1 ratio of potassium to sodium: This helps support ideal electrolyte and fluid balance.

Excellent source of 24 vitamins and minerals

On top of all this, this meal replacement shake fits perfectly in the life of any busy hard training athlete, because it is an instantaneous breakfast. Simply mix the powder with water, or skim milk, as you are running out the door, and drink it in the car on your way to the gym. This shake is a great way to help your body reach your desired limits and stay healthy in the process.

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