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What is Pycnogenol?

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Pycnogenol is derived from the bark of European coastal pines, and is an amazingly superior antioxidant. It is not that this particular antioxidant provides a stronger or higher amount of antioxidants that are somehow more capable of destroying larger quantities free radicals. What makes Pycnogenol a superior antioxidant is the fact that it posses a vast amount of proanthocyanidinsa. These proanthocyanidinsa are a superior/special class of water soluble antioxidants that happen to be excellent free radical scavengers.

The name scavenger sounds like some sort of ocean bottom feeder… let’s call them free radical bounty hunters. These special bounty hunters leave very few places for their intended targets to hide, unlike your regular run of the mill antioxidants. The non-water soluble antioxidants are very good at their job, they scoop up and destroy all the free radicals in plain sight… the ones that don’t run and hide. While the bounty hunters, the water soluble antioxidants, are capable of following these “bad guys” in all the deep dark places where they may hide and cause deadly diseases like cancer.

You see, both types of antioxidants are necessary to provide complete coverage. I cannot stress this point enough, external aging is a cosmetic issue that no one wants to deal with very quickly, but internal aging can be very dangerous because of the common illnesses that these nasty little free radicals cause. Also, as a powerful antioxidant Pycnogenol acts as a natural anti-inflammatory that binds to connective tissues, as well as a vasodilator. Actually, Pycnogenol has shown promise in improving many conditions earning it the name the jack of all trades. There are many studies from which to pick information, because there has been such extensive research on the supplement.

One of the 170 published studies shows that Pycnogenol has definite promise in promoting blood sugar stabilization. While another states a definite connection between the supplement and improved cardiovascular function. Still yet another has linked the supplement to better skin, less severe menstrual periods, improved cognitive function, and sports nutrition…just to name a few. Remember, there have been over170 published studies. Most recently there has been a buzz about the use of Pycnogenol for behavior problems in children. Of course it is important to mention that you should never self medicate a child; always-always check with your doctor before giving your child anything.

Pycnogenol taken in conjunction with another water soluble antioxidant, like grape seed extract, is a perfect way to ensure your body seeks out and destroys all water soluble free radicals… make sure you get all the bad guys! There is a wonderful supplement that will combine these two perfect antioxidants together in an all in one formula. Once you build up that team of bounty hunters within your body there will be no stopping them, and your chances of developing certain age related illness are greatly reduced. So, stop by the N101, check out your options, and arm your internal bounty hunters.

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Do Anti-aging Supplements really work??

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Do Anti-aging Supplements really work??In the course of the last year I have heard this question so many times I can repeat the answer in my sleep. As long as you have a realistic expectation of the supplement it works fantastically. If you are going to take the supplement at 50, and expect it to make you look and feel 21 again, I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed. What it will do, if taken correctly, is prolong the inevitable aging process and keep you looking and feeling younger than your body actually is.

How does it do this??

An anti-aging supplement is designed to restore order to a chaotic aging body. You see when we are young our bodies are balanced and full of defenses, when we age we lose this perfect balance and our defenses against the known causes of aging become weak and depleted. Some scientists have suggested that this depletion is due to the stress of adulthood, while others have stated that we simply use up our reserve and our bodies can’t keep up. What ever the cause these defense mechanisms are what keep us young and prevent certain diseases and age appropriate features from appearing.

What are these defenses??

Free radicals on our skin and in our body cause us to age. Internally these free radicals are a by product of oxygen and they are every where. When we are young we have these free radicals in our body, but the difference is we have a large army of anti-oxidants, the natural destroyer of free radicals. When we age, for some reason, our body no longer has this large army, and the free radicals take over destroying our cells and wreaking havoc inside our body, even causing some very serious diseases.

How do I build my “army” back up?

We do receive some, very few, but some anti-oxidants from the food we eat. There are certain foods that are very rich in anti-oxidants such as the acai berry, blueberries, and pomegranates. But, no one can eat these all day everyday so supplementation is the best option.

So why not just take an anti-oxidant supplement?

While anti-oxidants are a great way to defend the body from the aging process, there are several other factors to take in to account as well, like skin health, and hormone balancing. Hormones play a large role in the aging process as well; aging causes a steep decline in certain hormones and this can leave us with a feeling of tiredness, sluggishness, and fatigue. Not to mention the fact that hormonal imbalances play a large role in the development of certain cancers and leads to skin issues…such as wrinkles and dryness.

Taking an anti-aging supplement will address all issues of aging, free radicals, hormonal imbalances, skin health, and much more. However, as with everything else prevention is key, so it is best to start an anti-aging supplement young before the damage has set in. In other words, if you start the supplement at 27, you will look 27 well into your 40’s rather than waiting until the aging process has already started damaging your body and skin. The key to an anti-aging supplement is healthiness, we all want to look younger but the real gift is feeling younger! To find out more about anti-aging supplements please visit

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