Ceramides — Breakthrough in Face, Hair, and Body Treatments

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What are ceramides?

Ceramides are a natural part of the cell membrane in the outermost layer of the epidermis. They help the skin to maintain its moisture-binding and protective barrier functions. Ceramides make up 40% of the lipid, or oily, component of the intercellular cement which binds epidermal skin cells together.

Intercellular cement in the skin performs the same function as mortar between the bricks in a wall. As the wall ages, the substance which prevents this from happening is the intercellular cement of the skin.

Where do ceramides come from?

Ceramides can be chemically synthesized, derived from animals or plants, or yeast-derived. Chemically synthesized ceramides do not meet the criteria for “natural”. Ceramides can be derived from animals — usually obtained from the brain and spinal cord — but these are not cruelty free sources. In addition, ceramides from animal sources can carry viruses. Ceramides derived from plants are less concentrated. The ceramides used in Borlind Ceramide Vital Fluid are biotechnically obtained from yeast.

Why are they important?

The amount of ceramide in the epidermis determines the level of hydration of the skin. The lower the amount of ceramide, the drier the skin. Thus ceramides play a key role in maintaining the moisture level, smoothness, elasticity, and firmness of the skin.  As we age, the ceramide concentration in the skin’s intercellular cement declines. The result – damaging environmental pollutants and other harmful elements can enter the body. In addition, the skin’s moisture-binding capability diminishes resulting in dehydration of the tissues.

Why are ceramides beneficial?

Topical application of ceramides increases the concentration of ceramides in the epidermis. The result:

  • Reduced moisture loss
  • Enhanced moisture binding capability
  • Increased elasticity and firmness
  • Reinforcement of the skin’s protective functions
  • Strengthened resistance to free radical damage
  • Noticeable smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Smoother, more refined skin texture

Ceramides are also excellent restorative care for skin that has been abraded or over-exposed to the elements. Damage caused by rubbing, scrubbing, wind, burning, sunburn, or chemical peeling heals more rapidly when ceramides are
topically applied. Moisture levels in the skin also increase with regular ceramide application. Hydration gives a smoother appearance, reducing scaliness and dullness.

Ceramide Vital Fluid — Enhances Benefits of Daily Skin Care Program

Ceramide Vital Fluid stimulates oxygen utilization in the cells and supports natural skin regeneration. At the same time the moisture-retaining ability of the skin is increased and its resistance strengthened. Ceramide Vital Fluid is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Used as a daily supplement to the regular care program, Ceramide Vital Fluid should be applied after cleansing and toning and before day or night creams. Dermatological tests have shown that after 14 days of regular use, Ceramide Vital Fluid

  • Increases firmness of the skin by 42%
  • Boosts moisture content of the skin by 28%
  • Increases skin’s protection against free radicals by 88%
  • Enhances cell regeneration


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