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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Pea Protein – Heart-Healthy Protein for Everyone

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Many vegans and vegetarians struggle to consume optimum levels of protein. And many others search to have the right amounts and types of protein in their diets, for heart health, healthy weight, and healthy glucose levels.

Combining proteins from plant sources can be difficult, especially for people who are pressed for time and for those who avoid not only meats but dairy products, soy and eggs as well. Source Naturals Pea Protein Power is a natural vegetable protein powder made from yellow peas (Pisum sativum), the peas used in split pea soup. This is a highly digestible, highly bioavailable protein source.

  • Great way to supplement a vegetarian diet for those who have problems eating beans or soy, and suitable for children and adults.
  • Increases carbohydrate metabolism for heart health, weight management and healthy glucose levels.
  • Completes the protein profile of grain proteins due to high lysine content.
  • Non-GMO, 100% gluten-and cholesterol-free.
  • Highly digestible, hypo-allergenic.
  • Easily incorporated into drinks, smoothies, shakes, crackers, chips, snacks, soups and other dishes.

Pea Protein is a great way to boost the protein in your diet.

What’s All the Excitement About?
Protein is a critical part of the adult diet. Recent studies show that eating more lean protein, including vegetable proteins like pea protein, while cutting back on refined carbohydrates, may benefit heart health, body composition, and carbohydrate metabolism. Diets with increased protein and reduced carbohydrates have been shown to improve glycemic regulation as well.

The Power of Proteins
Proteins are the essence of life, the foundation for numerous compounds in the body:
Enzymes: Enzymes are protein molecules that act as catalysts for most of our physiological processes.
Structural Proteins: Structural proteins are the major building blocks of muscles. Other proteins form our bones, teeth, skin, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, hair and nails.
Transport Proteins: Proteins are responsible for the flow of nutrients into and out of the cells.

Twenty standard amino acids comprise practically all of the body’s protein. Some of these aminos can be synthesized from other substances in the body, while others—called essential amino acids—must be obtained from food. The body requires protein in its diet for growth, maintenance and repair.

But Which One is Best?
The amino acid composition of protein is the most important factor for choosing a dietary protein, and the goal is to eat quantities of the amino acids in optimal amounts: this allows the utilization of other amino acids and supports the body’s own protein synthesis. There are few vegetable sources of complete proteins. Many vegetarians consume carbohydrate-rich foods, such as grains, breads and pasta, often at the expense of good quality protein. Not only are these not very high in protein, they are limited in one essential amino acid, lysine. Legumes (such as beans and peas) have high supplies of lysine but are limited in sulfur-containing amino acids, methionine and cysteine. Thus, the wide range of grains and peas perfectly compliment each other.

The second criteria is digestibility—how much of the particular protein is assimilated into the body. Protein concentrates from legumes are digested with an efficiency of greater than 90 percent, making them almost equivalent to meat, eggs or milk in digestibility. Low heat used during processing ensures that the most important amino acids stay intact.

Third is allergenicity. Pea protein does not contain gluten or lactose, and it is not on the list of most common allergenic foods.

Pea protein is convenient for daily use. You can blend it into smoothies and add it to soups, stews and pasta dishes. You can also add it to rice, oatmeal and other grains or any vegetable dishes. It has a neutral taste and good solubility—an excellent way to give your body the optimum nutrition it needs.

So whether you are a vegan who wants to be assured of good quality protein in your diet, or a person who is looking for ways to increase heart health and maintain balanced glucose levels, Source Naturals Pea Protein Power is an ideal addition to your daily meals.

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Cod Liver Oil-Your Pet’s Best Friend

Monday, August 31st, 2009

We all love our pets and want to make sure that they live long, healthy lives. Sadly, many of the pet products that are commonly sold on the market lack the full amount of nutrients that cats and dogs need to maintain proper health. One of the best things that we can do to help supplement these nutrients into our pet’s diet is to give them a daily dose of cod liver oil which is loaded with nutrients that are beneficial to pets.

What is Cod Liver Oil?

For hundreds of years people have used cod liver oil for it’s nutritional benefits to humans. In the past century, pet suppliers have also harnessed the power of this supplement to provide additional nutrition to pets after a man named Edward Mellanby performed research that found cod liver oil could be beneficial to pets with arthritis.

Cod liver oil is an oil that is retrieved from fish. The oil is loaded with vitamins A and D, and also contains omega-3 fatty acids that are not only excellent for pets with arthritis as Mellanby speculated, but also in other areas of pet health as well.

Pet Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

The nutritional value of cod liver oil helps to provide joint support which can indeed help as a treatment for pets that suffer from arthritis. However, supplementing cod liver oil into your pet’s diet from an early age can also prevent arthritis from occurring because it helps to keep joints loose and limber.

Cod liver oil is good for all pets, but should definitely be given to some breeds of dogs that are more prone to developing joint disorders as it can help to prevent the joint problems from occurring. It is also highly beneficial to both cats and dogs that are older and may be beginning to experience stiffness in their hips and legs after sleeping.

Working dogs can benefit from a cod liver oil supplement because it also helps to provide the dog with a natural energy booster. But be warned, older pets that have become more sedentary and lazy may suddenly start running around and acting young again thanks to the energy this supplement provides!

Finally, cod liver oil also helps to provide a healthy coat and skin for your pet. Many people do not realize it, but having a healthy coat and skin is important to your pets health because it prevents serious skin and coat conditions from occurring that can actually affect your pets overall health.

Purchasing Cod Liver Oil for Pets

When purchasing a cod liver oil supplement for your pets, look for a quality supplement that contains no additives and has been distilled to produce a pure oil, such as the Pet Cod Liver Oil from Nordic Naturals that is safe for use in both cats and dogs. Just a small dosage of the oil added to your pets food daily will provide them with the additional nutrients that they need and help to keep them healthy and strong for many years.

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Bring a Dark Exotic Beauty into Your Life with Mangosteen

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Mangosteen is an exotic fruit that comes to us deep from the heart of the jungles in southeast Asia. Used for centuries in it’s native country as a powerful treatment for many health conditions, mangosteen is now becoming more popular in the western world as those in the west begin to turn more and more to natural treatments for staying healthy.

The Mangosteen Fruit

The mangosteen fruit that is harvested to make a variety of mangosteen health products is the fruit of a tropical evergreen tree  that is native to eastern tropical jungles in Asia, Indonesia and the Sunda Islands. The white interior of the fruit is valued as a delicious dessert while the outer rind of the fruit holds a miraculous blend of beneficial antioxidants, xanthones and polyphenols.

Mangosteens have quickly fallen under the category of a “super fruit” based on a combination of factors used to determine if a food falls into this newly developed category. The mangosteen is not only has a very pleasing flavor, it also offers powerful antioxidant strength, nutrient richness and the potential to lower the risk against many health problems, all of which help to classify it is a super food.

Mangosteen Health Benefits

One of the best benefits of the mangosteen is the antioxidant effects that it has on the human body. Antioxidants have the power to destroy free radicals in the body which are known to cause a number of chronic diseases such as cancer. Many companies that process mangosteen juice, which is made from the nutrient rich outer rind of the fruit, focus primarily on these antioxidant benefits when promoting their product but the mangosteen offers many more benefits than just antioxidant power.

In some of the clinical studies that have been performed on mangosteen juice, researchers have documented a number of conditions that benefit from the juice which include, but are not limited to:

  • Analgestic properties (helps to prevent pain)
  • Anti-depressant
  • Energy boosting properties
  • Immune system booster
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Anti-viral powers
  • Anti-biotic
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-lipidemic (lowers bad cholesterol)
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Hypoglycemic properties (helps to lower blood sugar)
  • Assists with weight loss
  • Prevents kidney stones

These are just some of the health benefits offered by this amazing fruit, as there are many, many more that have been documented in many of the clinical studies that have been performed on the effects of patients that consume the fruit.

One of the largest benefits of the mangosteen juice is that there is virtually no risk or side effects that come with consumption of the juice. It is important to note however that there is some evidence that over-consumption of the mangosteen juice for prolonged periods of time can have adverse effects on the body.

There are a number of companies that are harnessing the power of the mangosteen in juice that can be sold to consumers. When considering a mangosteen juice for purchase, try to choose a juice that is organic and contains to added sugars or preservatives that may affect the quality of the products, like the Mangosteen Gold 100% Pure Mangosteen juice by Dynamic Health.

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Keep Your Veins Healthy as a Horse with Horse Chestnut

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

The Horse Chestnut tree, commonly referred to as the Buckeye tree, gifts us with almost all of the nutrition we need to keep our veins healthy and strong. Not only does horse chestnut help to prevent venous problems from occurring, but it can be used to treat existing problems as well.

Common Conditions Treated with Horse Chestnut

Many vascular problems can be treated, and prevented, with daily use of horse chestnut. Just a few of the venous diseases that can be treated by this hardy plant include:

  • Varicose veins
  • Phlebitis
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • Leg ulcers

Taking a small daily dose of horse chestnut in one of it’s many forms can help to relieve pain and irritation caused be these conditions, as the herb has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to reduce fluid retention, which helps to provide strong blood circulation which is necessary to both treat and prevent many vascular problems.

One of the extracts of the horse chestnut is a compound called escin. Escin is essential for helping to provide healthy wall strength to the veins, so consumption of the herb will help to strengthen veins to protect them from vascular disease. Escin also has antioxidant properties which help to protect elastin and collagen, both of which are essential to the healthy structure of your veins.

How to Use Horse Chestnut

Research has shown that horse chestnut can be beneficial for vein health when used both internally and externally. Many of the benefits from this herb come from internal consumption and that area is where most research has been performed. Researchers are now realizing however, that using horse chestnut oil externally on the skin can help with treating rheumatoid arthritis and other venous diseases to help reduce symptoms and relieve pain.

Horse chestnut is primarily used in treating vascular problems but it does have some other beneficial qualities to it as well. The seeds of the horse chestnut are often used for congestion as it has expectorant and decongestant properties. When a compound is made from the powdered roots of the plant, it can be used as an analgesic to treat pain.

For the most part however, it is used for leg vein health thought Europeans who have been using this plant as an herbal remedy have also used it extensively as an anti-inflammatory agent as well. In fact, horse chestnut is primarily used as a herbal remedy in Europe though the popularity of the plant is growing.

You can purchase Horse Chestnut Seed Extract to take by itself daily as a preventative and treatment for leg problems, or you can also purchase a proprietary blend that contains the herb as well as other beneficial herbs such as Horse Chestnut Vein Strength by Planetary Formulas. Either way, this powerful herb is extremely helpful to those suffering from leg vein issues or those that are concerned about them and wish to prevent them from occurring by promoting healthy venous conditions.

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Meal Replacements for the Athlete

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Meal replacement shakes, bars, and drinks no new fad in our busy society. Whether they meant for weight loss or as a nutritional supplement these popular meal substitutes are gaining ground. There are supplemental drinks for the young and the elderly to replace either lost or lacking nutrition, as well as dieters or hard training athletes. These drinks are specially formulated for the intended group, for instance you would not give a toddler a supplemental drink intended for an elderly person, as the nutritional values are different among these groups. This is also true for the specialty drinks that are intended for athletes and dieters. Drinking a regular supplement drink may not be the best idea for a dieter because many of these drinks are intended to replace lost calories or build mass.

However, drinking a regular, or dieters supplement drink for an athlete can prove dangerous and counter productive. The problem is that many of these supplement drinks, while they are filling, lack the nutritional value needed to actually replace a meal, especially the nutritional value of an athlete! This lack of nutrition leaves the body starving, and this nutritional starvation can lead to blood sugar highs and lows that cause cravings and result in poor diet choices, not to mention muscle injuries due to insufficient nutrients. These poor diet choices have a negative impact on the body, and your goal whether it is losing weight or building muscle. Finding a good meal replacement shake that actually supplies the active body with a good source of whole food nutrition can prove to be a difficult task… until now.

There is a meal replacement shake that was specifically formulated for the active, hard training body of an athlete called Labarda Lean Body Instant Breakfast Shake. As an athlete you obviously need more vitamins and minerals than your average everyday person, to avoid injury and sustain energy. But, it is also important that these nutrients come from a good whole food source to prevent unwanted fat. The company states that one easy to prepare shake contains “more concentrated muscle-building, fat-burning nutrition than 10 scrambled egg whites, a bowl of oatmeal, and a handful of vitamins.” Amazing!

Lets look a little closer at the actual whole food ingredients in the shake.

40/45/15 (carbohydrate/protein/fat) ratio of macronutrients: Specially formulated to give you long lasting energy in a bio-available.

Blend of time-release proteins: This LeanPro blend gives you a flow of vital amino acids. Amino acids support intracellular nitrogen retention levels for faster muscle growth and strength increases.

Over 9,000 mg of BCAAs: Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS) that prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

10,000 mg of Glutamine & Glutamic Acid To prevent muscle breakdown.

35 grams of Whole Food Carbohydrates: These all natural whole carbs are slow releasing natural grains: brown rice, oats, and rice bran. They stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels, to promote greater energy and fat burning.

7 grams of natural dietary fiber

Fructooligosaccharides: Are pre-biotics to promotes a healthy and happy digestive system.

Contains Omega-6 fatty acids

6:1 ratio of potassium to sodium: This helps support ideal electrolyte and fluid balance.

Excellent source of 24 vitamins and minerals

On top of all this, this meal replacement shake fits perfectly in the life of any busy hard training athlete, because it is an instantaneous breakfast. Simply mix the powder with water, or skim milk, as you are running out the door, and drink it in the car on your way to the gym. This shake is a great way to help your body reach your desired limits and stay healthy in the process.

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Joint Support and Cartilage Health…

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Supporting joint and cartilage health is of the utmost importance to help prevent certain mid-life conditions such as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis among older individuals, and is generally caused by wear and tear on the joints over the years. Our joints are made up of bones, ligaments, and cartilage; after years of bending, kneeling, and generally supporting the full weight of the body these components become weak and wore down. All of this wearing and tearing leads to the painful inflammatory condition known as arthritis, and while there are hundreds of arthritic conditions that joint supplements can help, osteoarthritis is the most common among aging individuals.

The common components in joint health supplements are glucosamine and chondroitin. These two components contain molecules similar to those found in the bodies own natural cartilage. The idea is that replacing this lost or damaged cartilage will repair the past insults to the tissue, and thus prevent any further damage to the joint. As with any type of supplement prevention is ideal, because preventing damage is much easier than correcting it. However, looking for a good joint health supplement is so much more than taking straight glucosamine and chondroitin. There are some other ingredients that your joints can benefit greatly from, and finding an all in one formula will save you a lot of pain and aggravation. Here are some key ingredients to look for:

Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids These ingredients are a very good addition to the formula because of their ability to lubricate the joint and allow it to move with ease. These two fatty acids are also an excellent way to reduce the painful symptoms and reduce swelling in the joint.

Niacin, Folic acid, and Vitamin B12 Have shown the ability to reduce inflammation as well as relieve pain in the joint.

Vitamin E Studies have suggested that vitamin E is useful at preventing cartilage loss.

Manganese Helps build healthy bone structure and joints.

MSM Reduces the symptoms that accompany joint wear and tear.

Stinging Nettle Extract Is molecularly similar to aspirin, this herb is also an excellent way to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Indian Frankincense Extract Is widely used as an anti-inflammatory herb for many different conditions.

Of course all joint health supplements need to contain the key ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin. But, taking an all in one joint supplement that contains the ingredients above will give your joints the TLC they need to heal and become less painful. On top of all this the supplement needs to be bio-available; this simply means that the supplement needs to be friendly to the body and easily absorbed rather than taken and quickly excreted. Making sure that your all in one formula is bio-available ensures that the body receives the benefits of the supplement, and that you are not simply wasting your time and money. You can find this amazing all in one formula at

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Essential oils: A Quick reference Guide

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Essential oils are the liquids that are distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, bushes, and seeds. Distilling these completely natural oils from plant life is an ancient process that has been carried out for centuries. In history the Egyptians seem to have been the leaders of the essential oil revolution, not long followed by the Chinese, and of course the Greeks. The Egyptians however seem to have realized long before anyone the powers that the oils possessed as not only a medicine, but as a cosmetic device, and they even used them in several of their religious ceremonies. They extensively explored the uses of the oils as part of their healing rituals, and they even played a large role in the legendary Egyptian embalming process. Around this same time the Chinese were integrating the use of the oils into their healing practices as well.

Some time later the Ancient Greeks learned the distilling process from the Egyptians, whom had been performing the procedure since at least 3,500 BC. As you all know the father of medicine himself, Hippocrates was a firm believer in treating the body holistically, and repeatedly included aromatherapy in his healing sessions. Recently there has been an explosion of artificial oils that are trying to trick consumers into believing that they hold all the healing properties that the completely natural oils do. Essential oils are completely 100% botanical matter, nothing more, nothing less. Do not accept any imitations as they don’t possess the healing powers of the natural oils. Using these artificial oils is no different from smelling a chemical based perfume; the only thing they may do is give you a head ache and possibly a rash from the chemicals.

Completely natural essential oils on the other hand are chalked full of benefits and are known to help people suffering from different ailments as well as induce a calming effect. Remember, essential oils can come from basically any plant so choosing one is completely up to you, let’s go over a few of the popular ones here.

Citrus Oils Citrus oils are by far among the most abundant; therefore they are usually the cheapest oils you can purchase. Citrus oils, including lemon, orange, and lime, do possess many benefits such as a mild disinfectant to the skin, as well as having the ability to sooth away muscle aches and pains. Orange oil in particular is very sweet smelling and does wonders for dull oily skin. Lemon oil is an excellent astringent that works well to tighten and tone skin, all while relieving stress and fatigue. And finally, lime oil is generally used for its ability to relieve depression and leave the person feeling content and energized.

Lavender Lavender oil is very popular because of its great smell; it and Jasmine are by far my two favorite smelling oils. Besides smelling so very lovely lavender is extremely healthy, it is an all around wonder oil. Like citrus oils, lavender is an excellent disinfectant, and also has the same calming effect. As a matter of fact lavender is so good at calming that it has become known for its ability to induce serious relaxation and sleep; recently it has been added to many baby bath products to sooth fussy babies. Lavender is also known to relieve pain, enhance blood circulation, and treat respiratory problems. With regular use lavender oils can reduce urinary problems, and build a better immunity to fight disease.

Frankincense oil A lesser known oil, frankincense is an essential oil with tons to offer. This oil is known for its abilities to tighten and rejuvenate mature skin, all while reducing an oily appearance. Also, frankincense oil is a wonderful remedy for the common cold, severe cough or bronchitis, rheumatoid conditions, promotes internal warming by increasing circulation, fights exhaustion, reduces the effects of heavy periods, and is an excellent over all treatment for respiratory problems.

Essential oils are multi-functional, they can be diluted and used as a fragrance to lotions and soaps, or they can be added to a bath to sooth muscle aches and pains all while inducing relaxation. Essential oils can also be added to vaporizers to treat internal conditions such as respiratory problems. Please understand that you don’t have to vaporize the oil to receive the healing benefits, because the oil is absorbed through the skin, and from there it enters the bloodstream. However, to treat respiratory problems vaporizing is the best option.

Another great way to use essential oils is as massage oil; this massaging action will help work the oil into your skin, as well as cleansing and disinfecting the skin during the massage. Not to mention the relaxation benefits. There are so many essential oils and so many uses for these oils that discussing all of them is simply impossible. To see a complete list of essential oils as well as the most common uses please visit your one stop essential oil shop.

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All About Ashwaganda, one of the world’s most useful herbs

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Ashwagada, also known as Indian ginseng, is a member of the pepper family and grows in hot dry climates of the world such as western India, northern Africa, and the Middle East. This small plant that grows to reach 2-3 feet in height is an amazing plant that possesses medicinal properties in every aspect, from its roots to the tips of its leaves, as well as the blooms and berries that grow on it. Also, there are nearly as many names for the plant as there are uses for it, some people may call it winter cherry, withania, or asgandh, and the spelling may very; Ashwagada vs. Ashwagandha. No matter what you call it, or how you spell it the facts about it are the same; it is a powerful and extremely popular herb that possesses many uses.

This plant’s roots so to speak, run deep in the Ayurvedic system of health and healing, a hindu tradition that has been practiced in India for over 2,000 years. This natural form of healing is very patient specific, and takes all aspects of the mind and body in consideration when treating a problem. The tradional practioiners used Ashwagada as a stand alone herb sometimes, but mostly they would combine it with something to create a completely individualized prescription for the persons ailments. While this combination of herbs worked extremely well, it sometimes hid the true power of the ashwagada as a stand alone medicine. However, it wasn’t long before the herb was being taken for its outstanding abilities on its own.

The ashwagada plant is what is called an adaptogen. The encyclopedia of natural medicine says this simply means that the herb un-specifically enhances and regulates the body’s natural ability to withstand stress. As well as increases its general performance in ways that help the whole body resist disease. More specifically the plant is known for its ability to have an over all affect on the body. Some of these affects are:

Boosting strength

Increasing stamina and alleviate fatigue

Enhancing sexual energy and rejuvenate the body

Increasing the immune system

Strengthening the young and elderly

Naturally calming the body without causing drowsiness

Improving clarity and memory function

And, slowing the aging process

As you can imagine, with this many over all effects on the body, the disease specific uses are numerous. This plant is used for everything from anemia, to asthma, and arthritis, as well as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, the common cold, depression, hypertension, hypoglycemia, leprosy, and lupus just to name a select few. The uses are endless because this plant is so very powerful… and the researchers are intrigued.

Studies on this plant have been on going since at least the 1960’s, quite possibly because of its wide spread popularity. After all it is the most common herb used in India, and it is rapidly gaining popularity in other parts of the world as well. Reports put out by these medical studies state that the ashwagada plant possesses compounds that have anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. While other compounds using different parts of the plant have been linked to anti-stress, and sedative effects.

There has been so much research performed on ashwagada that reporting every single case is nearly impossible. The fact is that clinical studies have shown that the herb increases endurance, and immune function. But it decreases inflammation, stress, tumor size, and fungal infections as well as working as a sedative. The reports have been posted, and the results are astounding, ashwagada is an herb that possesses so many different benefits that it may just be the most useful herb in the world!

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The Best Multivitamin for Athletes

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

It is extremely important for everyone to take their daily vitamins and supplements. However, if you push your body to its limits daily, or even several times a week with high impact exercises or sports, taking a supplement to keep your body in tip top shape is of the utmost importance to ensure it doesn’t get run down. Athletes in general burn more calories, and use more of the vital nutrients, minerals, and vitamins than your typical office worker. Fact is the more active you are, the more energy your body uses, the more supplements you need to take to replace these lost nutrients. It is also important for an athlete to eat a higher calorie diet than a regular person because they do burn more calories during their vigorous workouts. Keeping your body “fed” with not only food, but supplements is extremely important to avoid injury.

Another very important issue that athletes must focus on is endurance. It is important, especially if you play competitive sports, that you take a supplement to help with endurance. Improving endurance is key to becoming the best in your sport, but making sure your body is equipped to be pushed to such limits should be your number one concern. There are several vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to reach these limits and remain healthy free of muscle cramps, tears, and extreme pain. Also, when you place this type of strain and stress on the body it uses more of these vital nutrients than it normally would. That said; let me express the importance of taking a supplement that is able to keep up with your healthy, super active lifestyle. As previously stated, normal multivitamins may not cut it for an athlete, because you need more vitamins and nutrients than the average everyday person. Ensuring that you get enough of these completely essential vitamins is equally as important as taking them.

Be sure to buy a supplement that is specifically designed for an athlete, or specifically designed to help with endurance. A very good supplement would combine the two of these things together to create the ultimate supplement for an athlete. MultiV is an excellent example of a supplement formulated to meet all the needs of an athlete. It is a multi vitamin that has clinically tested ingredients that have been shown to improve endurance and fight free radicals that can slow your progress. This particular multi-vitamin includes vitamins, minerals, and herbs that have been specifically chosen to aid the body of an athlete. Not only does MultiV improve endurance by adding an enzyme blend to the formula that has been clinically shown to improve carbohydrate utilization, therefore prolonging time before exhaustion. But, it also increases your antioxidants to fight free radicals, and it also helps improve circulation to the muscles. MultiV is one of the very best athlete specific multivitamin you can add to their daily regimen.

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