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Top Five Weight Loss Supplements

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

With so many weight loss supplements on the market today it can get pretty confusing trying to figure out which supplements are worth your time, and which are fancy marketing schemes. There are herbal products that are extremely effective at helping an individual lose weight, and there are several ways that they do this. The difference in natural supplemental weight loss, and chemically altered weight loss, is the natural weight loss promotes a healthy body to lose weight and keep it off naturally. Where the chemicals make your body burn fat, or burn the fat themselves BUT, when you stop taking the weight loss medicine you generally gain back more than you lost in the first place.

To help you choose a great, natural supplement I have taken the top five weight loss supplements and broken them down here:

1.    Cell food natural weight loss formula- Is a great weight loss supplement that works by reducing the amount of fat storage cell in the body. All natural cell food is also an excellent way to naturally boost your metabolism. The combination of the two will help you not only lose weight, but will also help re-shape your body. However, it gets its name cell food formula because of its phenomenal ability to transform fatty acids into energy, and speed up their route directly to the power house of the cell. Yet another added benefit of cell food is its effects on the cardiovascular system; it lowers and regulates cholesterol levels.

2.    Fit for Health Weight loss supplement- is a great combination of wild herbs that have been specifically chosen for their unique ability to promote weight loss in the body. In this kit you will receive three separate formulas, and each formula is designed for a different aspect of weight loss. The first is Liqui-Lieve; it assists the body in reducing fat and body weight, as well as promotes a natural excretion of wastes. The next is Diet slim; this is used for fat burning and energy boosting, as well as eliminating stored fats, and it regulates appetite. The last is thyroid support; this formula supports and regulates thyroid and adrenal function.

3.    The Total EFA Special Formula for Weight Loss- This product is a great choice for weight loss on a number of levels, it is chalked full off essential fatty acids. Fatty acids are great at promoting weight loss by making the body perform at optimal levels. Omega 3 Fatty acids possess many health benefits and weight loss just happens to be one of them.

4.    Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- Coconut oil once had a name as the “bad” fat, but now we know that coconut oil is one of the healthiest and most versatile oils in the world. Extra virgin coconut oil is a great way to maintain cholesterol levels, support thyroid function, ease occasional digestive disorder symptoms, avert sugar cravings, and provide many other health benefits. The great thing is that you can use this oil in place of other unhealthy oils in cooking, and it will help to promote health and weight loss.

5.    New Chapter Green and White Tea- It is no new finding that green tea is great for supporting the body and helping an individual lose weight. With this unique formula you get the benefits of the green tea, along with the benefits of white tea. Researchers have discovered that people who drank more than ten cups a day of tea experienced significantly better heart and immune system health than those who drank under three cups, not to mention the weight loss benefits.

Taking any of these supplements is a great way to lose weight and get healthy. No matter which one you choose you will definitely feel the added benefits of getting your body in tip top shape. You can find one or all of these wonderful supplements at

Good luck and congratulations on taking the first step to a new healthier you.